Looking for employment after you have served your country honorably? Have a look at some military-friendly employers who will treat you right the way you treated your country right by your service to it. What to do after your military stay you might ask? Well, there are a few companies out there that are willing to bend over backward to help.

The Military Friendly designation promotes better outcomes for veterans. By setting the bar, then carrying it out, they provide an environment for American organizations to invest in programs that improve the lives of veterans. That is wonderful for veterans, good for America and good for the organizations.

Military Friendly® is the standard that measures an organization’s drive, effort and success in developing a sustainable and satisfying benefit for the military community. Now, let’s take a look at that. Because every bit of that definition was carefully chosen.

You might ask “How military friendly”? The data they summate to determine Military Friendly points of reference and awards are gathered from three sections, which they call the three Ps: Public data sources, Proprietary data from their research and private data from questionnaires of veterans themselves.

There is a list of military employers who will assist the veteran in determining the best job suited to them. If the company that is going to hire the veteran has hired such applicants in the last 12 months, they will be allowed to participate. All this is at no cost to the applicant. Every year, employers taking the survey are put to a higher standard than in years gone by via improved criteria methodology, and weightings developed with the assistance of an independent research firm and our Advisory Council. Rest assured you will not regret choosing military friendly employment.  Read more information about ADS Inc. come visit http://militaryfriendly.com.


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